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Josefin Bravo

Hi! I am Josefin Bravo, a glassblower doing my own designs made by my own hands.  My designs are inspired by colors, brightness and expressions like humor and provoctions. I´m located in Örsjö, in the middle of the Kindom of crystal.  I am constantly developing and get new ideas for designs which I continously try to realize, like it will always be, in a never ending story. I had a dream about making glass, that made me and my family move from Malmö to Småland in 2020 when I attended Riksglasskolan. I graduated in June 2022 and is now active at "The Glass Factory" in Boda. I have been represented in local exhibitions in Pukeberg, Öland, Kalmar Konstmuseum and at "The Glass Factory"among others.  Feel free to explore my Instagram page: true_colors_glass_by_bravo or my web page: